Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit

Vodafone Case Study


The telecom industry is known for complex infrastructure and number of transactions. The risk of revenue leakage becomes greater as processes and infrastructure become more complex.

Studies show that revenue leakage is estimated at 1.1% – 2.0% of revenue with causes ranging from manual data entry mistakes to fraudulent behavior. Fixing those leaks directly improves your bottom line.

Vodafone Iceland has been using exMon since 2010, continuously monitoring their data and services with an emphasis on customer happiness, revenue leakage, and fraud monitoring. Their implementation resulted in less revenue leakage and much shorter billing period.

Recently a case study of Vodafone usage of exMon and its results were published in Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit, an American university textbook in Continuous Auditing by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants....